Jason Brown – Komodo Platform Atomic Dex

Jason Brown - Komodo Platform

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Jason Brown, from Komodo Platform Business Development, talks with Rob McNealy about Komodo platform Atomic Dex, atomic swaps, and blockchain security.

About Jason Brown

Jason Brown is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Introduced to blockchain technology in 2012, he has become an avid supporter of the Komodo Platform project, since its inception in 2014 while it was under the name SuperNET. Beginning in 2016, he has assumed the role of head of Business Development and focuses tirelessly on integrating blockchain technology into different services and industries.

About Komodo Platform

Komodo is an open, composable Smart Chain platform built on a multi-chain architecture. Now, projects that build with Komodo can launch a fully customizable, independent Antara Smart Chain that’s protected with Bitcoin-level security and connected to Komodo’s multi-chain ecosystem through Platform Synchronizations.

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