Jared Tate – The Future of DigiByte

DigiByte Coin founder, Jared Tate, talks with Rob McNealy about scammers, exchanges, and his book, Blockchain 2035.

Jason Brown – Komodo Atomic Dex

Jason Brown, from Komodo Platform Business Development, talks with Rob McNealy about atomic swaps and blockchain security. 

David Z. Morris from Breaker Mag

David Z. MorrisIn This Episode

In this fireside chat style podcast, Rob McNealy and David Z. Morris discuss media coverage in crypto, payola, and fake trade volumes in crypto exchanges.

About David Z. Morris

David Z. Morris is currently a writer for Breaker Magazine, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency publication. He has been writing about crypto and technology since 2013, for outlets including Fortune, The Atlantic, and Slate. He is a lifelong outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, a graduate of the Rayado backcountry training program, and a former backcountry guide at Philmont, the Boy Scouts’ largest National High Adventure Base. He holds a PhD in Media and Technology Studies from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in English from the University of Texas. You can find more of David’s work at


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