Mark Wittenberg – Paycent & XcelTrip

Mark Wittenberg - XcelTrip & PaycentIn This Episode

Mark Wittenberg talks with Rob McNealy about and, two concurrency projects with real world use cases.

About Mark Wittenberg

Mark first became aware of Cryptocurrency in 2010 and has been involved in ongoing research. While researching and being involved amongst the many different projects in the space, he found his core beliefs aligned perfectly with Verge Currency. Mark actively sits as a Verge Currency Core Member, and focuses on business development, contract negotiations/facilitation and vendor relations. He comes to us with an extensive background in sales, Finance/Credit. Mark has been In the automotive industry since 1995 and has extensive background with marketing, Finance, Credit, Privacy Act, and Fair Trading Act. He’s been involved in these industries since 1995 (23 years) and has had success at scaling companies in very short periods of time. He is self employed in Credit and Finance, and advises for many successful companies.

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XcelTrip Website 

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