Rahul Sood, CEO and Co-Founder of Unikrn

Rahul Sood, Rahul Sood is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unikrn.

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In this podcast, Rob McNealy interviews Rahul Sood, the CEO and Co-Founder of Unikrn, a global esports, gaming and entertainment platform built on cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Unikrn is backed by Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban, Liz Murdoch, Shari Redstone, and many others.

About Rahul Sood

Prior to Unikrn, Sood launched Microsoft Ventures and was involved in a number of other startups, including Vrvana (which recently sold to Apple Computers). A serial entrepreneur, Sood spent 18 years in multiple startups prior to joining Microsoft, including his start as founder
of luxury and gaming computer manufacturer VoodooPC, which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in the fall of 2006.

Sood is a co-founder of Malta based Palladium, a joint Venture with Bittrex. Palladium is a European Tokenized Security Exchange and Blockchain Banking Platform that aims to launch sometime in early 2019. He also sits on the board of advisors for Razer, a company that is widely known for taking over where Voodoo left off.

In his spare time, Sood enjoys wakesurfing & wakeboarding, paddleboarding, cycling, racing cars and spending time with his family. He was born in Calgary and now lives in Seattle. You can
find him on Twitter @rahulsood. You can find Unikrn on Twitter @unikrnco.


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