Emal Safi, CEO Aircoins Augmented Reality Crypto App

Emal Safi

About Emal Safi

Emal Safi is specialized in strategic development and deployment of technical business systems. Assisted over a dozen blockchain projects. Created smart contracts and tokens for decentralized platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. Provided direction to business executives in an array of modern blockchain and digital asset initiatives including enterprise architecture, banking systems, payment processors, online retailers, financial systems, exchange platforms, blockchain and bridge protocols. Provided leadership for front end developers, cloud engineers, mobile developers, database analysts, cyber security experts, content creators and
marketers. Currently leading the Aircoins team – Biggest Crypto AR platform in the world!


AirCoins App: http://www.aircoins.co
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/emal-safi

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