David Z. Morris – Author of Bitcoin is Magic

David Z. Morris - Author and Writer

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David Z. Morris discuss his latest book, Bitcoin is Magic and the state of crypto, in this interview with Rob McNealy.

About David Z. Morris

David Z. Morris is the author of Bitcoin is Magic: Internet Money, Memetic Warfare, and the End of Mere Reality, and a writer for Fortune Magazine.  He has been writing about crypto and technology since 2013, for outlets including Fortune, The Atlantic, and Slate. He is a lifelong outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, a graduate of the Rayado backcountry training program, and a former backcountry guide at Philmont, the Boy Scouts’ largest National High Adventure Base. He holds a PhD in Media and Technology Studies from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in English from the University of Texas. You can find more of David’s work at DavidZMorris.com.

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2 comments on David Z. Morris – Author of Bitcoin is Magic

  1. happyiguana says:

    Another great podcast. Much useful information can be obtained when an intelligent interviewer questions a knowledgeable guest.

    1. robmcnealy says:

      Thank you. I try to personally learn something from each guest.

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