David Liebowitz – Everipedia

David Liebowitz - Everpedia

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David Liebowitz talks with Rob McNealy about Everipedia, Dapps, crypto and censorship of free speech.

About David Liebowitz

David Liebowitz is the Vice President of Business Development at Everipedia. Originally from New Jersey, David graduated from UMass Amherst and joined Everipedia in the subsequent months, moving to Los Angeles to do so. As an Executive Editor for Everipedia, David contributed to thousands of pages and helped garner millions of views. When Everipedia evolved into a blockchain encyclopedia in 2018, David took a more active role in business development. During his tenure, Everipedia secured partnerships with Brave Browser and listings on Binance and OKEx. In addition to Everipedia, David is a Strategic Advisor to the Crypto Exchange Alliance. Recently David moved out of Los Angeles after living there for four years and is currently on a cross-country road trip planning to eventually end up in Miami.

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