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Jonathan Keim, Communications Director CryptoCurrencyWire (CCW)

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Jonathan Keim, Communications Director for CryptoCurrencyWire (CCW), discusses with Rob McNealy the challenges crypto and blockchain companies have with managing public relations (PR) and the various tools and options available for getting the exposure they need.

About Jonathan Keim

Jonathan has directly helped hundreds of publicly traded companies as well as many of those in the crypto community (including some of the best-known conferences such as World Crypto Conference, Blockchain Futurist in Canada, and Keynote’s North American Bitcoin Conference) with their outreach strategies to achieve maximum visibility through press releases, syndicated articles, social media postings, and other forms of corporate communications. In addition to serving at multiple corporate communications companies that provide investor relations and public relations services, he has built a nationwide group of commercial service professionals using a community-focused approach that has also proven to be highly valuable in the growing blockchain space.

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