Alyze Sam – Give Nation

Alyze Sam - Give Nation

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Alyze Sam talks with Rob McNealy about Give Nation, stable coins, philanthropy, and Virtual Blockchain Week.

About  Alyze Sam

Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, and vehemently driven advocate. First, dedicating her life to her patients in hospice nursing, Sam passionately embraced the world of financial technology after nearly losing her own life, not once, but twice! Sam feels her destiny lies within serving her community and assisting other ‘underdogs’ with love and education. She’s achieving these dreams with roles as; Co-Founder and Chief Executive Assistant for GIVE Nation, a non-profit children’s financial literacy AI/blockchain project which rewards altruistic behaviors. She’s a Founder and Community Director of Women in Blockchain International and sits as an ‘Social Impact Advisor’ for blockchain nonprofits; & Women in Blockchain Foundation. Alyze has been an active participant and speaker in the internationally known Women in Blockchain Community. She was one of the original members of Jen Greyson’s Blockchain Sisterhood in 2016 and has since befriended a world of talented women in state of the art technology. Sam is a stakeholder and former Director at the ‘World Ethical Data Forum’. Her advisory positions include; JustiFire, where they digitally track ammunition, PAC Global, a revolutionary payment system, http://NewLife.Ai, a high-end fashion and Tumblr- like social media app with A.I. functions which generate digital rewards, and the Liberland Foundation Aide, a country based on the blockchain. Alyze works closely with Illumnine Corp, Illumnine Society, and Team McAfee concentrating on media intelligence, partnerships and tech events. In her free time, Sam writes for 15+ Tech Magazines, while humbly sitting at the top 1% of the Blockchain industry as a FemSTEM mentor and influencer. She’s a proud Alliance of Blockchain Professionals member, since 2018. Sam wrote the first book on Stablecoins in 2017. The unbiased text takes complex practices and simplifies concepts for most audiences. In February 2020 Sam and her partners ‘Complete 2020 Guide to Stablecoins’ sat as the #1 New Release in Business and Money on Amazon Books. *Visuals and self publishing done by a 16 year old Sam personally mentors: Koosha Azim, Silicon Valley, CA. Sam’s second book, ‘Stablecoin Economy,’ a university text, releases May 14th 2020.

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Book 1: Stablecoin Economy: Ultimate Guide to Secure Digital Finance
Book 2: 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide

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