Elizabeth Cordero on Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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In this podcast interview, Rob McNealy interviews Elizabeth Cordero, a successful real estate investor, immigrant, and serial entrepreneur.

About Elizabeth Cordero

Elizabeth Cordero has not traveled an easy road to success and financial security. Elizabeth grew up in Mexico as the youngest born to a single mother. At the young age of 14, Elizabeth and her older sister successfully completed a dangerous border crossing into the United States.

Though she started her life in the U.S. with no worldly possessions no money for food and no ability to speak the language or even knowing the currency of this country, Elizabeth has overcome obstacles that would have caused many to give up — she has achieved financial security and established a multi-faceted set of business profit centers in the state of Utah, which range from a cleaning business to real estate sales, flipping homes, and investment activities. Elizabeth was able to buy her first home while she was undocumented which later become one of her most lucrative investments as unknowingly she was implementing one of the best investing principles of simple interest  and paid off a few homes using this method even before starting in the investing world.

Elizabeth’s first job in the U.S. was as a housekeeper at hotel her mother used to work at. After a number of these rapid-fire work experience for lack of documents to work in this country and not able to pursue an education for the same reason, Elizabeth began a new approach–as an entrepreneur. She launched Elizabeth Cleaning Services, a residential cleaning company that at first employed herself, her mom and sister, but quickly grew into a leading provider of residential cleaning for the Salt Lake metro area for 14 years. As this company grew, she launched another thriving cleaning service, Elizabeth Business Cleaning, to tap into the lucrative commercial business cleaning market.

As these businesses skyrocketed, Elizabeth expanded her reach and influence progressively–from real estate residential sales to property management, buying and selling homes, and investments in real estate and other projects. Through her business success Elizabeth became a legal U.S. working resident shortly after the 2012 enactment of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Elizabeth pursues her profound passion for leadership, real estate and charitable service.

She has an abiding commitment to learning, and has maintained a 3.9 grade point average in her college studies with over 90 credit hours, running a business full-time as she studied. She is an active member of the Salt Lake Real Estate Investors Association, National Association of Hispanic Realtor, Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association which she is part of the board, Latino Mexicano Institute as Executive Board member, Federaciones de Mexico as an Advisory Board member and has held a real estate license for over 2 years.

Today, Elizabeth owns several rentals in the state of Utah, Florida and  Texas, has successfully flip residential properties ranging from starter homes to a more higher end market. Elizabeth was nominated as one of the best Hispanic Real Estate Agent by NAHREP Salt Lake City Chapter her first year of Real Estate. She also travels giving conferences in the United States empowering and inspiring others.

When she is able to go to Mexico Elizabeth will embarked on her dream of building a first-of-its-kind orphanage in Mexico that will not only provide the necessities of life for the children it serves; it will also empower them with practical education and training in professional skills, entrepreneurship and other crucial life skills. Elizabeth is today a permanent resident of the United States of America.


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