Don McEnroe – Dinosaurs are Fake

Don McEnroe Founder of Dinosaurs Are Fake

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Don McEnroe discusses his Dinosaurs are Fake project, whose mission is to expose the “dinosaur hoax” perpetrated by the “dinosaur industry.”

About Don McEnroe

Don McEnroe grew up in San Francisco (Noe Valley) and attended Archbishop Riordan HS. He went to Georgetown University where he studied English. He worked for Netflix from 2010 to 2016, mostly in project acquisitions. Now, he work primarily in the entertainment industry, consulting on projects that convert novels to screenplays and the like (on the creative side). He’s currently in Austin, TX working on an entertainment project based on a novel about the sports industry (and doing DAF for fun with a couple buddies from college) but will be relocating back to CA in the near future. His interests are outdoor activities (camping, hunting, fishing), surfing, self-defense (Krav Maga), the entertainment industry, macro-politics & systems, literature & entertainment. He isĀ  also an amateur actor (He’s auditioned twice for real roles but so far have not been cast).

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