Mark Wittenberg – Verge Currency Marketing Team

Mark Wittenberg of the Verge Currency Core Marketing Team talks about Verge cryptocurrency with Rob McNealy.

Steve Gerritsen, Founder of Marketing 160 on SMS and Crypto Marketing

Steve GerritsenIn This Episode

In this podcast interview, Rob McNealy interviews Steve Gerritsen, Founder of Marketing 160, about text message (SMS) and crypto marketing.

About Marketing 160

Marketing 160 is a full service marketing firm. The company has an easy to use SMS/Text message platform that includes a digital loyalty program and many other features including text to win, mobile coupons, SMS surveys, SMS appointment reminders and more.


David Cohen, Founder of TechStars, and Ron Rice, Founder of Hawaiian Tropic

In this classic show, Rob McNealy interviews David Cohen, founder of TechStars on the success of the business. He also interviews Ron Rice, founder of Hawaiian Tropic on the success of the business.


Guy Kawasaki, Famous Author, on His Book The Art of the Start

Guy Kawasaki, technology evangelist and author, on his book The Art of the Start.


Dan Pink, Famous Author, on Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation

dan pink Dan Pink, author of Whole New Mind, Free Agent Nation and editor for Wired.


Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth, on the Recipe for Successful Startups

Famed author Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth, on the recipe for successful startups.


Peter Burns, Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Kevin Johansen, Angel Capital Summit

kevin johansen Peter Burns of the Institute for Entrepreneurship on networking for entrepreneurs. He also interviews Kevin Johansen of The Angel Capital Summit on raising capital for startups.



Gail Goodwin, of InspireMeToday, on Spreading Inspiration on Social Media

gail goodwinGail Goodwin of on spreading inspiration on social media.





Gary Vaynerchuk, of Wine Library, on Startups Following Their Passion

gary vaynerchukGary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library on entrepreneurship.









Patrick Bryne, Founder of Overstock, on Naked Short Selling

patrick byrnePatrick Bryne, founder and former CEO of discusses Wall Street corruption and how manipulating hedge funds naked short selling almost took down his company.