Lenni Uitto – Xelot Film

Lenni Uitto - Xelot Film

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Lenni Uitto, Director and Founder of Xelot Film, talks with Rob McNealy about independent film making and how crypto projects like TUSC can share their stories with viral videos.

About Lenni Uitto

Lenni discovered his passion for film making in 2012 when he picked up his cell phone to begin recording a camping trip. As his passion grew, he learned more aspects of film making and started taking acting classes in mid-2016. He met new people to collaborate with, and started to take on bigger projects. In 2017 he Directed “The Loner”, which was officially selected in numerous film festivals and nominated in 5 categories at the 2018 Utah Film Awards and won him a Best Director Award from the Nevada International Film Festival.

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2 comments on Lenni Uitto – Xelot Film

  1. Musa aden says:

    Lenni Uitto he is a great filmmaker , I have worked with him and looking forward to continue working with him

    1. robmcnealy says:

      He is indeed. I have loved working with him.

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