Daniel Jones – AKA “Nixops”

Daniel Jones - AKA "Nixops""

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Daniel, AKA “Nixops”, privacy advocate, hacker & digital security expert, talks with Rob McNealy  about tools people can use to protect their privacy online.

About  Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is a general purpose hacker, teacher sometimes, and deadhead. He works  in a variety of different software projects and spends a lot of time in front of an IDE, terminal, or screaming into a pillow. He has worked in and out of cryptography, operating system development, SaaS development, HPC, cryptocurrency, and UNIX/BigIron. He enjoys long compile times so he can shitpost on Twitter. He also enjoys teaching people how to leverage tools correctly to stay safe. He is a privacy advocate and encourages the use of strong encryption. When not in front of a computer, he tries to do that “going outside thing” and working on getting rid of his graveyard tan that took decades to obtain.

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