Timothy Robinson, CEO of Bits and Tokens

Timothy Robinson, CEO of Bits and TokensIn This Episode

Rob McNealy interviews Timothy Robinson, CEO of Bits and Tokens, a blockchain media company.

About Timothy Robinson

Timothy the Bitcoin Weatherman! Blockchain Enthusiast and the keeper of the Crypto. Timothy has a passion for security, and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

About Bits And Tokens

Bits And Tokens was created as a collaborative effort of friends with a passion for blockchain technology. Through countless hours of research and intelligence gathering they have developed the perfect method to deliver cost effective support to those who need it most, when they need it most!


Bits and Tokens Blockchain Media Company

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2 comments on Timothy Robinson, CEO of Bits and Tokens

  1. Helen Montandon says:

    Love the interview Tim. If some folks had one tenth your vision and understanding in XYO things could be different!

    1. robmcnealy says:

      Thanks. Yes, Tim is a great guy. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with him.

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