Jordan Last, Developer of Podcrypt Podcasting Donation App

Jordan Last, Developer of Podcrypt Podcasting Donation AppIn This Episode

In this podcast, Rob McNealy interviews Jordan Last, the developer of Podcrypt, an app where users can donate crypto to podcast creators based on the amount of time they listen.

About Jordan Last

Jordan Last is a software developer, budding entrepreneur, and overall tech enthusiast. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in computer science, and has been involved with startups for the past few years. He believes firmly in the benefits of sound technology, capitalism, open platforms, the internet, the web platform, and now blockchain. Blockchain has steadily consumed him since mid 2017.


Podcrypt is a progressive web app that allows listeners to donate to their favorite podcasts in a way that is automatic, fair, and peer-to-peer. Listeners set up an interval (i.e. 30 days) and pay out one donation per that interval. The app keeps track of listening habits client-side, and automatically divides the listener’s donation amongst their podcasts according to time listened and value per unit of time. Podcrypt seeks to accelerate the podcasting community towards more sustainable and equitable monetization, and to help liberate podcast creators and listeners from platform risks.


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